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Refresher driving tuition will suit you if

• You've passed your test but have not driven much since (if at all).
• You are moving to a quieter area and you will need to drive again.
• You need to drive as part of your job.
• You need to brush up your skills.
• You lack confidence in a particular skill.
• You intend to supervise your son or daughter while they are learning.
• You want to get behind the wheel of a car again after a long break.
• You need to drive again just to ferry the children around.
• You were involved in an accident either as the driver or passenger.

How many lessons?.

• That's up to you.
• You are encouraged to appraise your own performance and confidence (with help and support from your
driving instructor).
• There is no pressure on you at any stage.
• You decide if you want to take further lessons after your initial course.

The course is planned by you for you

Many people are (naturally) reluctant to ask for
refresher lessons, however many have had their confidence restored after driving again in a reassuring environment.
Our driving schools tuition cars are dual controlled and all tuition is on a one to one basis.

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