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     Motorway                                                               Driving                            

Most novice drivers have yet to experience the pressures that the sheer volume and speed of motorway traffic puts on them.

Whether we like it or not most of us at some point will find ourselves using motorways on a regular basis, driving on motorways is an entirely different environment from where we learnt to drive.

Most newly qualified drivers have little or no experience of high volumes of fast moving traffic, so at first motorway driving can seem quite daunting and to some even frightening.

This is why we recommend that after passing your test you consider taking up some motorway lessons.
instructors have a vast experience of motorway driving and will see by the end of the session you feel both comfortable and confident whilst driving on the motorway.

Follow - The Two Second Rule – giving yourself enough time and space to react.

Adjust for the conditions; slow down and follow the four-second rule if the road is slippery or visibility is poor.

Control your speed.

Indicate when you change lanes - mirrors and blind spot.

Keep left unless overtaking. After overtaking, check your mirrors and blind spot then return to the left-hand lane
Check your mirrors often – your situation will change quickly on the motorway.

Keep a safety zone all around you.
Remember continually looking Far, Near and Rear. The earlier you see something the sooner (therefore safer) you can deal with it.

Take extra care around trucks and other large vehicles – they tend to have larger blind spots and slower reaction times.

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